Yes, roller shutters reduce summer heat entering through your windows by up to 90%

Yes, roller shutters reduce heat loss during the winter months by up to 70%

Yes, roller shutters reduce noise levels by up to 50%

There is no standard size for windows, for us to give you an idea of the cost for a shutter please send the measurement of your window (width x height)

Roller shutters are cost effective, by keeping the heat out in summer you will save on electricity by running your air conditioner less and by keeping the heat in during winter you will save on electricity buy using your heater less.

Yes, our roller shutters are made in Austalia.  Our supplier takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality Roller Shutter products and only source the best components and highest quality Aluminium coils and extrusions from key international partners. All our Roller Shutters have superb paint finishes that withstand the harsh Australian climate, and we guarantee quality and consistency of product. 

Roller shutters are not designed for security however they do provide some added security on your home as once they are down they make it difficult for intruders. When the shutters are closed they also offer protection  for your windows (eg if they kids are kicking a ball around the shutter will protect the glass)