Shop Shutters

Commercial Shutter Installation

When designing or selling shutters for the commercial sector, we take into account the large glass fronts of stores or shop fronts.
The slats of these shop shutters have an advanced combination of high strength and light weight, which allows them to be designed in larger sizes with the same protection and insulation benefits as residential shutters.

All of our aluminum security shutters are finished with the toughest coating available on the market.
Add to that our unique locking system, quiet electric motors, and sleek electronic remote wall or keychain controls. With that, you have a very attractive, secure, and functional system to protect your shop or business.
Are you worried about electric motors in case of a power failure?
Don’t be. We can provide you a motor with manual override function. Both manual and electric shop shutters have their own advantages. Read more about shop shutters here.


shop roller shutters

Our strong aluminum Roller Shutters will keep your premises safe and secure.
Not only do our shutters look great, they will give you peace of mind.

shop shutters

What distinguishes us from other shop shutters?

  • Aesthetics: compact shutter box, 12 top colorbond colours
  • Excellent for: very high security, anti-rust properties
  • Good for: Noise reduction, anti-glare and light blocking,

Why should you invest in your shop shutters?

Unlike roller doors (which are rolled in one piece), shop roller shutters are mostly made up of individual slats that interlock in sizes ranging from 100 ml – 75 ml or 50 ml. 

We know it can be difficult to make the right choice, but our expert consultants will ensure you get the best shutters for your shops, stores, business places, etc.

More Shop Shutter Benefits

  • They are designed to withstand high winds, as each slat is equipped with wind locks that prevent the slats from coming off the guides during strong gusts of wind.
  • They provide security for the customer’s inventory and assets.
  • Shop shutters can be powder coated both inside and outside.
  • Shop shutters can have perforated or slotted slats to provide both ventilation and visibility to your specifications.
  • Shutters can be designed for various applications – such as high-traffic areas like parking lots or factories where multiple operations per hour are the norm. 
shop shutters