Shutters Repairs

When to Get Your Shutters Repaired!

Common Problems with Roller Shutters

  • Loud grinding noises and shaking during the operation
  • Broken strap
  • Dirt buildup on tracks
  • The motor shuts off intermittently or is defective
  • Roller shutter damaged or dented
  • Objects lying in the path of the roller shutter have caused damage
  • The shutter rolls up unevenly
  • Winder box cracked /broken
  • Missing entry guides

Our insulated aluminum Roller Shutters will keep the heat out and the cool air in.
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Maintenance And Shutter Repairs

Roller shutters require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure their smooth and safe operation.

During a maintenance session, a B&B Roller Shutters technician will:

  • Assess the operation of the roller shutter
  • Check if there are any loose parts.
  • If we find any problems, make adjustments on site (within reason).
  • Making sure that all parts are lubricated
  • If there is a major problem or we need parts, we will detail it in the service report and provide an estimate for the additional work.
  • Set a reminder for your next service

Roller Shutter Repairs

Is your existing roller shutter broken or exhibiting any of the above problems?

Our skilled technicians have the experience to quickly find faults and repair all models of commercial roller shutters.

When it comes to shutter repair, our process includes

  • Assessing the operation of the shutter
  • Inspecting each part of the roller shutter to diagnose the problem or determine what is defective and what parts are needed to be replaced.
  • If we can’t fix the problem right away, we won’t leave the job site until the building is safe.
  • Thanks to our connections with nearby suppliers, we can typically obtain parts quite fast when we need to order them.
  • We fix the problem when the parts are available and time permits.
  • We also make recommendations for preventive maintenance.