Pergola Shutters

The Best Pergola Shutters

Have you ever thought about how to make even better use of your pergola? Have you always wanted to spend time outdoors, but the weather conditions put a crimp in your plans? It’s often either too sunny, too cold, too windy, or too much rain coming from the opposite direction.

These situations severely limit the amount of time we can enjoy our pergola.
Solutions such as covering the pergola or installing porch blinds do increase the amount of time we can use them, but let’s face it – they have their limitations.
Once they are closed, we lose access and visibility to the outdoors. And if porch blinds are used, we have to be careful not to lower them in high winds, and in heavy rain, the mist they let through can be a bit of a deterrent.

So the ideal option to seal off a pergola is to install Easy View (EV) pergola roller shutters if you want to enjoy your outdoor space at any time of the year and any time of the day.
The view is the main difference between a standard shutter and an EasyView roller shutter. They are made of strong extruded aluminium combined with a UV-resistant polycarbonate profile. This ensures that the shutters provide security and a permanent view outside. So it looks like they let air through – but they don’t. So you can easily enjoy the scenery while staying cozy.

pergola shutters

Our insulated aluminum Roller Shutters will keep the heat out and the cool air in.
Save on your energy bill plus create extra privacy and peace of mind.

pergola shutters

What makes Easy View Shutters So Good?

Quite simply, they transform your pergola into a space that can be used year-round from the inside out and the inside in. Here are a few of the key points:

  • They can withstand incredibly strong wind speeds (this depends on the width).
  • They are completely sealed.
  • Perfect choice for outdoor applications and areas that are exposed to wind, sun and rain.
  • They provide a view to the outside (every 2nd slat is transparent)
  • They are easy to operate (especially if they are motorized with remote control)
  • They provide security for your pergola when it is lowered.
  •  Our range of aluminium roller shutters is available in various colours and finishes to complement your home’s existing character and style.
  • These aluminium pergola shutters are the perfect blend of durability, practicality and style.
  • They can span a width of up to 4.4 m.

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